Which Water Cooler Tooting personality are you?

It’s a well-known fact that the office water cooler really brings out the best (and worst/most frightening/morechat around the water cooler tooting bizarre) things in oneself and in one’s colleagues. If you’re having a browse of our blog on your well-earned lunch break, read on, and take our little quiz to find out, which water cooler Tooting personality are you?
Below we’ve noted our observations about certain water cooler behaviour- see if you can match your own personality to one of these:
The health fanatic: Constantly at the cooler filling up, and sharing their wisdom of the benefits of drinking water with their workmates in near vicinity.
The gossip: Sort of hangs around the cooler waiting for someone to share their latest knowledge with. Whilst drinking, always keeps a beady eye on what’s going on around the office.
The ruthless bottle-finisher: This sneaky personality always seems to manage to just get to the bottom of the bottle, and then avoid changing it. Never arrive at the cooler just after this one, you’ll be disappointed.
The flirt: Always seems to jump up/require refreshment when the office hottie is near the cooler. Shamelessly props themselves against it which strategically shows them in their best light.
So remember, whichever one you are, everyone will now know; celebrate and relish your own water cooler personality.

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