Water Cooler Westminster Under Surveillance

In an age where security is always tight and we’re being constantly watched, it seems as though even the officeWater cooler in Westminster under surveillance water cooler will soon cease to be a private place to be alone with your thoughts, according to legislation in the United States which are being pushed for by Government Officials. With so many people so worried about imminent attacks on major cities around the world, those who work in the City of London may find their water cooler in Westminster under surveillance in the not-too-distant future.
There are varying views on this proposal, with some deeming it unnecessary and an invasion of employees’ privacy, and some wondering where the line will be drawn with placing CCTV cameras around the office (no more playing on Facebook for a quick five minutes here or there). Others support the idea, feeling under threat from imminent danger, and would rather not take the risk in failing to have the cameras, and thus feel like they’re putting themselves in danger on a daily basis.
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