Around the Water Cooler in Balham

Many of us are self-employed, which can mean lots of long days at home, with only your laptop/homenice cup of tea for water cooler Balham engineers office/cat/dog/puppy/iguana/any other exotic pet you might have for company. The hours often drag by, and ways in which to break up the day and make it more interesting become sparser. This is where we can help. If you’re in the Balham area and are in need of a little break in your day, we can send round one of our water cooler Balham guys to come and a) install a wonderfully useful, good-looking and hydrating water cooler, and b) pop in every week to bring you a supply of spring water. Who knows, they might even be able to stay for a cuppa; taste in biscuits vary enormously among the engineers, details are available on request. So give yourself a treat and invest in a water cooler, Balham style (that is, trendy and hip and up-and-coming). They can also be used for office role play (if you miss the office environment); simply rope friends/relatives/exotic pets into playing the parts of your colleagues, whilst you assume role of high-and-mighty-all-commanding boss. Great fun for all, we’re sure you’ll agree.
If you have any questions about any of our water coolers, for Balham or any other area of London, or about which biscuits we prefer, then please get in touch!

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