Make your own Rose or Orange Blossom Water

rose petals in a bowlCooking with unusual ingredients can be very rewarding, and we all love to impress our guests with unusual recipes and flavours. Using rose water and orange blossom water is a way of doing just this, with their unique taste, but purchasing these rare treats can be expensive. We at The Water Delivery Company believe in home made goodness at every opportunity, so why not try making your own?
You will need:
Distilled water- the water from any of our water coolers can be distilled, and with a little help from our chums at Wikipedia they’ll let us know how.
Rose petals/orange blossom.

How to go about making your delicious water:
Pick your petals early in the morning, ideally those which have been grown completely organically.
Rinse the petals carefully in cold water, taking care to remove all dirt and any pesky insects.
Having crushed the petals or blossom with a mortar and pestle, and left them to rest for a few hours, place them in a jar with some distilled water- don’t go overboard with the water as you can always add more later.
Leave the jar, with the lid on, in the sun for a couple of weeks, and check the scent. If it is too weak, continue to leave in the sun for another week or so.
Experiment with the quantities of water and petals to see what works for your water, and voila, you will be known as a culinary genius. Good luck and happy cooking!

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