Ode to the Bottled Water Cooler

We at The Water Delivery Company just love the bottled water cooler. How it works, what it does, what it provides. There are few ways in which we feel we can adequately express this passion, so we’ve had a go and composing some poetry, acrostics poetry to be exact, which we hope conveys the depth of our feelings.
Here is our very first water cooler poem:A man enjoys water cooler water

Being thirsty is really the pits,
Ogling for just a sip, any little drink would do.
Thank you, humble water cooler, say we,
Thirst quenching and ever-reliable.
Lovingly delivering refreshing liquid,
Essential for getting us through the day.
Delicious and healthy, your spring water revives us
Whilst we get to have a chat with Debbie from accounts.
An opportunity to catch up on the gossip,
Taking time out from our busy schedules.
Even your engineer is smiling and polite,
Running up and down the stairs with the greatest of ease.
Carrying two, maybe three, bottles at a time,
Oh, that we were that strong!
Oh, that we could take you home every night…
Leaving you is a sad time of the day,
Even though I know it’s only until tomorrow I must wait to
Release your soothing water once again.

Fancy having a go and sharing your masterpiece with us? Leave a comment/your poem at the bottom of the blog, and release your genius on the world. If you have any other queries about any of our products, as always, please do get in touch.
Happy writing!

The Water Delivery Company
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