Let your pets into the fun of a water cooler

kittens drinkingImagine this: you have yourself a lovely water cooler installed in your home, efficiently and easily by The Water Delivery Company. It provides wonderful, clean spring water for you, your family, and your guests whenever you desire it. One day, whilst taking a drink, you notice little Rover/Fluffles gazing longingly at you, at the water you’re drinking. Why not let them have a sip too?
The magnificent dolphin pump is a cost-effective, easy-to-use solution; a simple plastic contraption, it attaches easily onto the 19 or 12 litre bottles of water, and pumps the water from the bottle’s upright position, when pressed down. An easy way to dispense quality drinking water for your pet, we have even heard examples of some being trained to do the hard work for themselves. If this doesn’t appeal, even simpler to use is the pet water dispenser, which regulates a steady flow of water into the pet bowl at regular intervals, and takes your mind off even having to even fill it up. If you’re off on holiday for a weekend, you can rest assured that your precious kitty/doggy will be well watered whilst you’re not there to attend to their every need. It is the ultimate pet luxury for the pampered pooch and the cared-for kitty, and with Christmas just around the corner, why not treat them to something as a thank you for being such great companions throughout the year?

The Water Delivery Company
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