Water coolers will be drained fast at Rio 2016

After an emotional wait and announcement, the population of Rio de Janeiro are celebrating winning the Olympic for 2016. The city’s preparations will be starting shortly, working on improving security and safety around Brazil’s most vibrant city, and also beginning a massive clear up operation of the lakes and sea around the coast, which will be theRio wins the Olympic bid sites for the water sports events during the Games.
All this talk of water got us thinking about the athletes themselves, and how much water they will be drinking. Tap water being unsuitable for consumption in most areas of the massive country, water coolers will be working their hardest to quench the thirst of the competitors. With pre and re hydration necessary to maintain a healthy blood volume and therefore a safe level of cardio activity in the body, the athlete must drink a minimum of two cups before training, and then a small amount every fifteen minutes during their work out. Complete recovery, or suitable rehydration can be measured over the following days; an elevated heart rate first thing in the morning indicates dehydration. So, with hundreds of athletes needing precious water to keep them going for the two Olympic weeks, they’ll need a good stock of coolers and bottles to keep them in peforming to the best of their ability. We’ll be the first to let you know if our water coolers are chosen to flown over to Rio!

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