Water Coolers meet Modern Art (Finally)

martin-westwood-bottle-close-upThe parts of modern art that we – at The Water Delivery Company – align with the most are those that look to objects commonly found around us and raise the profile or the design or function up to a higher level.

As part of the water cooler and water delivery world we had no idea that we were going to finally achieve the recognition within artistic circles that we have so long craved. Sat as we were in a meeting about water delivery logistics we were somewhat confused to be told that Martin Westwood was waiting for us in the warehouse. Who? Why? What? – we were left confused, but after a short meeting our mutual interests were sealed.

In exchange for water related goods  we managed to do a deal that saw us the proud owner of one of only two 19 litre water bottle sculptures in the world. Pictures are attached from the installation of the other piece at Bloomburg’s offices in the centre of London. The item can be viewed on request in a sealed area of our SW19 warehouse.


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