19 litre Water Cooler Bottle Experiments


Global Fame for the much maligned 19 litre water bottle.

A few months ago we had a phone call from a gentleman who was keen to purchase some water cooler bottles. Normally this is no issue for us as this is the heart of our business – however things weren’t as they seemed. After a couple of questions to the new client, we discovered that we were dealing with a scientist who actually wanted ten empty 19 litre water bottles for a series of experiments he was running for a Channel 5 show – Big, Bigger, Biggest.

Obviously this piqued our curiosity. Unable to give us full details on what he was doing he did explain that one of his experiments was going to involve making a jet engine from a 19 litre water bottle. Finally, the faith we all had in the ability of our bottles was going to be validated – and by a real scientist! For water cooler nerds it doesn’t get much better than that. We had to wait until earlier this month to see the TV show and suffice to say it didn’t disappoint.

Please enjoy the series of photos below which gives a little more detail on the other experiments that took place using 19 litre bottles. If you wish to purchase 19 litre bottles of water please visit the 19 litre water bottle page on our main website and contact us directly. Great rates for budding scientists!


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