Water Cooler Sanitisation Kits

water-cooler-sanitisation-kitThe Water Delivery Company sell bottled water coolers to customers in London and also across the UK. As part of this service we recommend other water cooler companies in your local area who can deliver suitable bottles of water and also maintain and sanitise your water cooler.

For customers who choose not to have their water cooler serviced by another company (which we strongly recommend) we sell a water cooler sanitisation kit which includes everything needed to sanitise a water cooler for a year.


Bottled and bottleless water coolers should be sanitised once every thirteen weeks and our kits include enough equipment for four sanitisations – thereby providing you with coverage for a year. Cooler Clean who manufacture the kit in Holland have been in the sanitisation business for over ten years.

Our water cooler sanitisation kit has been recommended by the European Bottled Watercooler Association – EBWA – and has been given a Gold Seal by the microbiological testing company NSF.

To purchase please either visit our water cooler accessory page or use the Google Purchase button shown below.

For full instructions on how to sanitise your water cooler using the Cooler Clean kit please read our blog on sanitising your water cooler. If you would prefer to have your water cooler sanitised by ourselves please call 0845 006 3309 or email contact@thewaterdeliverycompany.com

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