Water Cooler Supplier to the Apprentice Again

water-coolers-in-the-apprentice The Water Delivery Company are today toasting the launch of the new series of The Apprentice and the third year in a row when our water cooler was the source of refreshment to the youngsters and featured in the reception area before the boardroom.

The Summit Water Cooler was chosen this year over by the set designers at the BBC  to fit into the highly stylised set for the meeting and boardroom.  We are told that last years Zenith water cooler appearance will come back next year.

We are also told by sources that Sir Alan found our spring water to be the finest he has tasted. High allocades indeed and one that we are proud of. We have a Summitwater cooler laid aside for Sir Alan and will be auctionning the water cooler used for charity at the end of the series. Good luck to the cannon fodder in the meantime

If customers wish to get details of how they can have the Summit water cooler in their office or home we ask them to call us or fill out our enquiry form.

The Water Delivery Company
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