The Cooler Directory and The Water Delivery Company

We at The Water Delivery Company have been known at times to be water cooler nerds. This blog confims our standing and shows the bottled and POU water cooler world across the UK and Europe.


The Water Cooler Directory

The Water Cooler Directory

The cooler directory and is the first annual directory and website of their kind and it is produced for the industry by Zenith International. Covering 30 countries, the directory includes top level company information on all the water cooler operators in the European cooler market (bottled water coolers and point of use water coolers) as well as the industry’s suppliers.

The cooler directory is a useful reference point for customers wanting to get a full list of authorised companies who can provide customers with either point of use or bottled water coolers. Customers can easily view our listing on the water cooler directory through this link.

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