Storage of Bottled Water for Water Coolers

water-cooler-bottle-hoodThe Water Delivery Company deliver customers Spring Water in 19 litre and 12 litre reusable bottles – this water is then stored and consumed by customers within a short timescale – typically within two weeks but this can be up to three months. Therefore we think it is important that customers should have full details on the optimal storage for the bottles and pitfalls to avoid.

Do not store water in sunlight – Storage of water for more than a few days in sunlight can result in the appearance of greening caused by the growth of harmless algae. Therefore please avoid sunlight. This is also a consideration for the bottled on top of the water cooler – and if this is in an area of sunlight then please enquire about one of our water cooler plastic bottle hoods.

Alternatively, customer could consider a Summit Water Cooler which comes with a hood which is styled to fit with the water coolers image.

Be careful about where you store your water cooler bottles

1 Water should not be stored in newly decorated rooms.

2 Diesel vehicles should not be used where bottled of water are stored.

3 Water should not be stored near odorous cleaning chemicals or other odorous substances

4 Water Cooler water bottles should never be stored next to heating boilers and fuel tanks.

5 Customers should not use of pesticide sprays and insect proofers within 10 metres of stored water.

Ensure the water is stored at the correct temperature – Prolonged storage of water at high temperatures can cause a change in the bacterial content of the water. At lower temperatures, these bacteria are kept under control by beneficial organisms.

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