Stillages and water bottle racks for storage

water-cooler-32-bottle-stillage-rackThe Water Delivery Company are the UK’s leading vendor of water cooler accessories online. Stillages and storage racks are a small but important part of our offering to our customers

If customers are using large quantities of water bottles on a regular basis we recommend that they talk with us about purchasing or renting a stillage which provides purpose made storage for up to 32 bottles of water.

These 19 litre and 12 litre storage stillages are purpose made and ensure that the water bottles are carefully packaged away in a warehouse or large office.

Customers can also purchase or rent 3,4 or 6 bottle racks which are effective methods of storing water in an office environment where space is at a premium. Taking up the same space as one or two bottles – they enable customers to store up to six bottles.These can be dispatched nationwide in the UK and details can be found on the water cooler accessories page of our website.


The Water Delivery Company
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