Under Sink Chillers

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£308.00 (ex VAT)
Classic Under Sink Chiller
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£319.00 (ex VAT)
Iceberg Under Sink Chiller
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Oasis - RLF8Y Under Sink Chiller
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Oasis - RLF12Y Under Sink Chiller

Why Use Us

Counter Tap for an Under Sink ChillerThe Water Delivery Company are pleased to bring you a wide range of under sink chilling units on either a rental or purchase basis. These compact appliances are ideal for offices or kitchens that require a space saving hydration solution. Under sink chillers cool the incoming water from the mains water supply, water is then dispensed via a separate tap position on the work surface.

To further the quality of the water produced by under sink chiller why not add a carbon-based filter to ensure that 99.99% of impurities that may be present in your mains feed are eliminated. The application of this filter will also maintain the elements of the chiller and reduce the amount of wearing on the internals of the unit. We also have a wide range of taps that can be purchased alongside the under sink unit to provide a stylish finish on any work surface.

Also known as remote chillers, these units can be used to transform a wall mounted drinking fountain into a chilled water dispenser. These compact machines are able to dispense upwards of 5 litres of cold water per hour.

If you would be interested in multiple machines or are looking for a rental prices please contact one of our experienced sales team. If you require any additional information, such as specification sheets, or any of our other offerings please do not hesitate to contact us on 0330 123 3309 or email quotations@thewaterdeliverycompany.com