OfficePRO® Brewing System
with K-Cups

officepro cup KEURIG® Coffee Machine

KEURIG® K155 OfficePRO® Premier Brewing System

k155 office KEURIG® Coffee Machine

KEURIG® Coffee Machine

Enjoy quality coffee in your office at a touch of a button. KEURIG® premium coffee machines feature a single brewing cup system, which helps you create a perfectly crafted cup every time with no mess or fuss. Every cup is designed to meet KEURIG®’s quality and taste standards and is guaranteed to impress coffee connoisseurs and tea lovers alike.

Choose the best option for your work environment from our range of countertop units including our plumbed-in office coffee machine. Our countertop coffee machines offer a convenient and easy way to dispense a perfect cup of coffee every time. The free-standing units have an easy to clean water reservoir and are perfect for busy office environment.

For larger offices choose a sleek state-of-the-art plumbed-in office coffee machine that is connected directly to your water supply. This eliminates the need to refill the water reservoir so increasing the capacity which ensures consistent good quality coffee all day long.

We can also supply to customers outside London – please click here to see the coffee products and K-Cups® we offer to customers elsewhere in the UK.