As part of our ongoing environmental focus we aim to make water bottles a core part of the product range we offer clients.

Drinking Water Bottles

We have offered plastic cups for many years and although these are necessary in environments like reception rooms, they are not needed in many offices. That’s why we have chosen to offer a range of water decanters and water bottles for companies to equip staff with long-term drinking solutions at their desk.

As a popular option when it comes to our water bottles and decanters, we offer our clients with the possibility of screen printing the bottles with their company logo. This service is a fun option that adds a personalised touch to a company’s water bottles and we are very happy to send out sample bottles to our existing water cooler customers if it interests them.

Water Bottles

We have a variety of water bottles for sale including the ranges of Sigg bottles, as well as the Aquatina and the Zing Anything ranges. We also have our propriety range of Sip and Go bottles, which are a more value-orientated range of water bottles. We also sell our water bottles to wholesale customers through Root7.

To view our full range of water bottles, please take a look at or call our office for full information. We have included a range of bottles and water decanters below to give customers a better idea of the range on offer.