The Water Delivery Company have been distilled water suppliers since 2009.

We started supplying purified water to customers when one of the largest distilled water suppliers in London ceased trading. We have since established ourselves as the leading distilled water suppliers in the UK, and sell to trade and directly to customers. At this stage, we set up a specific website  – – to show our range of products.

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Distilled Water Delivery

The Distilled Water Company sells to businesses and homes across the UK. Within London, our water delivery service is handled within our trusted and established network. Outside of London, we sell a range of one trip bottles for customers, which are delivered by courier on a next working day basis. We also have a network of local dealers where customers can collect their purified water and we can also deliver water in bulk by a container to wherever it’s required.

Distilled Water London

For the full review of the products we have on offer, please see our specific purified water website or call 0845 006 3309  so that we can give you advice on your requirements. Please note that distilled water is not recommended as a drinking water in the UK.


The Water Delivery Company is part of a larger group of drinking water companies in the UK who work under the brand name Drinking Waters. We are the UK’s drinking water solution specialists.

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