This Is Why You Should Look Into Water Cooler Hire

Interested in investing in a water cooler but don’t know whether you should hire one or outright purchase? It’s quite a tough. Each has its advantages. Renting a water cooler or buying one totally depends on what you think is the right option for you. Before you consider a water cooler hire or purchase, here […]Read More

The Difference Between Spring Water and Mineral Water

Water is water some might say, but there are so many different types – it can be quite confusing what’s what! The difference between all the types of water available on the market is becoming ever so complicated. To make things simpler for you, we thought we would delve into the depths that is water […]Read More

General Water Cooler FAQs

At The Water Delivery Company, we stock and deliver a wide selection of water products to customers across the UK. We pride ourselves on our range of hydration solutions that offer the ideal way to provide your environment with refreshing drinking water. Something else that we take seriously is our high service standards. Ensuring that […]Read More

FAQs About Our Plumbed Water Coolers

At The Water Delivery Company, we offer the most reliable and high-quality water coolers and drinking water fountains available on the UK market. With over 10 years of experience in the hydration industry, we have come across a few questions that our customers seem to ask us. We thought we would write a brief frequently […]Read More

Why You Need To Invest In An Office Water Cooler

At The Water Delivery Company, it is our goal to ensure that businesses across London all have an office water cooler. We offer a wide range of hand-picked bottled water coolers, plumbed-in water coolers and drinking water fountains. Access to clean drinking water is the simplest measure to efficiently and effectively increase your employees’ productivity. […]Read More

Check Out Our New Range Of Products

At The Water Delivery Company, we offer a range of diverse hydration solutions that are sure to suit numerous environments needs and requirements. We offer water cooler hire and sales to a wide base of customers across the UK. Getting your hands on industry leading water systems has never been easier with us. Keeping our […]Read More

Short Term Water Cooler Rental

We aim to offer efficient and effective services to all of our valued customers to ensure that their office and home is never short of accessible, refreshing water. You may be happy to know that we offer flexible short term and long term contracts. We understand that things can change and sometimes things do not […]Read More

Our Bottled Water Delivery Service

We deliver high quality spring bottled water to your doorstep. At The Water Delivery Company, we supply a large range of quality water products sourced from trusted manufacturers. As well as supplying a range of water coolers, we deliver both 19 litre or 12 litre water bottles to offices and homes around London. Delivery occurs on […]Read More

What does BWCA accreditation mean?

The Water Delivery Company is a member of the British Water Cooler Company.  The BWCA’s mission is to provide the consumer with a full peace of mind that they are receiving an unimpeachable product and service. The BWCA facilitates the exchange of technical, scientific and regulatory information between Industry Members and related bodies while serving […]Read More

Water Purification Standards in the U.K

Water purification standards in the U.K are some of the highest in the world, ensuring that the public only consumes clean and safe purified water. Once water has undergone the purification process it is free from any harmful bacteria or viruses, and is safe for human consumption. Standards set out by the EU Water Drinking […]Read More
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Design Trends with Water Coolers

Due to their rising popularity in both the home and office, water coolers have become a component to be considered when it comes to interior design. With so much focus on the look that can be achieved by various design methods, and the personality it can give a space the business that works in it, […]Read More

How to Tell Which Water Cooler to Buy

No longer only an accessory for the office, water coolers have become a safe and convenient must-have appliance for the home as well. Not only does its presence inspire people to drink more water, but the water it provides has also been filtered so that no harmful substances are found in it. When trying to […]Read More
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