Doing Our Bit To Fight Plastic Waste

As a business within the water industry, we welcome the news today of a new scheme to cut down on plastic bottles and fight plastic waste. People across the UK will soon be able to refill their water bottles, free of charge, at shopping outlets and public water fountains. The aim is to reduce the […]Read More
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The Water Delivery Company Proudly Supports Just A Drop

As one of the leading water suppliers in the UK, we understand how incredibly vital it so to provide convenient hydration solutions to thousands of customers. We also recognise that not everyone across the globe is as privileged as we are and lack access to necessities like water. In association with the British Water Cooler […]Read More

Meet The Team At The Water Delivery Company

Ever wondered what our sales consultants get up to when they’re not working hard and providing quality service? You can be sure that their off days are their bonding days. Our awesome sales consultants had some down time at the cricket about 2 weeks ago. They went to Lord’s to watch the cricket series. Although […]Read More

We now deliver the best coffee directly to you

The Water Delivery Company is proud to announce the launch of our new coffee products. We are now offering a variety of high quality bean or pod fed coffee machines which are ideal for any office. We have joined forces with Tudor®, Keurig® and other coffee suppliers to bring the finest coffee from around the […]Read More
Renault Twizy Sanitisation fleet

Renault Twizy now on the road

We have been looking around for a few years for a suitable electric vehicles to add to our fleet of trucks – and finally we have found one suited to one part of our business. Our sanitisation engineers run around London five days a week ensuring that customers water coolers are hygienic and sanitised. The […]Read More
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Taking Global Water Consumption For Granted

When you turn on the tap to fill a glass with water, we doubt that anything else crosses your other than the intention to quench your thirst. But what happens when getting a drink of water isn’t that simple? This may come as a shock to you, but 780-million people across the world lack access […]Read More
Water cooler design The Water Delivery Company

Design Trends with Water Coolers

Due to their rising popularity in both the home and office, water coolers have become a component to be considered when it comes to interior design. With so much focus on the look that can be achieved by various design methods, and the personality it can give a space the business that works in it, […]Read More

Technology Turns Cow Poop into… Drinking Water?

Of all the technological advancements taking place in the World today, this seems to be one of the most impressive. Snappily named the McLanahan Nutrient Separation System, this recent technological development from Michigan State University involves putting waste into an anaerobic digestion and filtrations system to turn it into water that is clean enough for […]Read More

Public Health England recommends water at mealtimes – and nothing else

Childhood obesity has reached crisis level in the United Kingdom. And in response, Public Health England is set to roll out a plan for cutting the nation’s sugar intake. A major point for this strategy, is that “children should be given only water to drink with meals,” since nutritional scientists have claimed sugary drinks are […]Read More

Our Water Coolers – Back in The Thick of It!

After a blog post last year touted our elation at one of our labelled 19-litre water cooler bottles (unbeknownst to us) found its was onto one of the BBC’s leading series, we’re glad to announce that we’re back in the spotlight. *Spoiler Alert!* One of our water coolers has beat back the competition to clinch […]Read More
Stress and Water

Water and Stress

  It’s easy to buy into the latest potions and practices that claim to hold the secret to stress-free living. However, in so doing, we overlook the simple stress busting substance of water. Without having to break the bank or take up tree hugging, you’ll be able to look forward to a 2014 that is […]Read More
Drinking water work ethic benefits

Drink More Water & Improve Your Work Ethic

If you were asked to list some of the benefits that come from drinking water, they’d probably include such things as weight loss, detox and clearer skin. But what if drinking more water throughout your day could also have positive effects that could improve your work ethic and ultimately your performance. Read on to find […]Read More

Our Fleet of Vans

The Water Delivery Company has managed a fleet of vans & trucks for over ten years, as we have extended our coverage across London to become the largest independent bottled water cooler company in London As part of our environmental push in 2011 led us to forge a relationship with a local hire company and […]Read More
BWCA Accredited Member

The Water Delivery Company is an accredited BWCA member

We are pleased to announce today that The Water Delivery Company has become an accredited BWCA member (British Water Cooler Association). After ten years supplying water coolers to thousands of customers across London we made the decision to test our standards against the leading industry association. Being an accredited BWCA member means a number of […]Read More
Water Cooler Website

Water Cooler Memories

We all grow up, even water cooler websites.. At The Water Delivery Company we have learnt a lot over the years. It is not just our customer base that has grown, our website has too. Old age catches up with all of us at some point (however much water we drink to stay healthy) and […]Read More

Call for soft drink sugar tax in Budget

The current debate on the soft drink sugar tax which has been proposed for the Spring Budget 2013 raises some interesting questions about the age-old debate between sugar drinks suppliers and the water industry. Quoted from the BBC website article on 29th January 2013 – “Leading medical bodies are calling for a 20p-per-litre levy on […]Read More

Our Water Coolers In the Thick of It

Having enjoyed a partly Scottish upbringing I then moved to London to start up a water cooler business, and had hoped that the spectre of angry Scotsmen was well-behind me. In fact let me back track slightly and omit all my extended family from that cliched view of a Scotsman. So you leave the spectre […]Read More

Berrington Spring Water

The Water Delivery Company have recently changed their supplier of small pack spring water to Berrington Spring Water – restarting a relationship from 2003. Our main business in the UK is delivering spring water for water coolers in either 19 litre or 12 litre bottles – and this part of the business has been our […]Read More
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