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The Water Delivery Company Proudly Supports Just A Drop

As one of the leading water suppliers in the UK, we understand how incredibly vital it so to provide convenient hydration solutions to thousands of customers. We also recognise that not everyone across the globe is as privileged as we are and lack access to necessities like water. In association with the British Water Cooler […]Read More

Bearing Our Support For Children In Need

The Water Delivery Company’s National Account Manager took on the role of Pudsey Bear earlier this month in support of the fantastic charity, Children In Need. The talented Adebayo Akinfenwa aka “The Beast” who plays for AFC Wimbledon also came along to show his support and strength by bench-pressing Pudsey for pounds! Children In Need […]Read More

Ghoulish Water Cooler Outfits

Especially pleased to receive some photos from a customer who purchased a 19 litre water cooler bottle from us. Truely a Ghoulish Water Cooler Outfit made from recycled plastic We will accept all entries next year!Read More
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Cornwall pair turn seawater into drinking water

A potentially “world-changing” concept using the power of the ocean to convert sea water into drinking water has been designed by two entrepreneurs from Cornwall. The pair came up with the idea after travelling and seeing water-related health problems across the world for themselves, such as children in Mozambique with cataracts contracted by drinking unsafe water. RCH […]Read More
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Water donated to AIDS charity

Owners of a bar in Texas donated water to a charity supporting sufferers of AIDS. Frank Holland and Ron Nelson, owners of Pekers Bar in Oak Lawn, delivered 6,000 bottles of water to AIDS Interfaith Network to help homeless clients of the agency beat the heat this summer. “Our clients…worry about having enough to eat […]Read More

Operation WellFound – The feedback

We received a very kind email from Philippa Hatton of Operation Well Found. “I just wanted to follow up with a very quick email to thank you again for kindly donating the water coolers. We were fortunate to have space in both the West12 shopping centre in Shepherd’s Bush on Thursday, which was World Water […]Read More
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TWDC donates water coolers to Operation WellFound

The Water Delivery Company is donating 20 water coolers, plus bottles, to Operation WellFound, a charity dedicated to providing sanitised water across the globe. Operation WellFound was established in 2005, and their mission is to provide clean drinking water to everyone who needs it, regardless of gender, ethnicity or religion. They also commit to spending […]Read More

Sponsorship for The Kensington and Chelsea Foundation

The Water Delivery Company are proud to announce that we have sponsored the supply of water to a launch evening for “The Kensington and Chelsea Foundation”. The Kensington and Chelsea Foundation aims to: To help residents become effective local charity donors and volunteers. To increase the value of gifts through matching opportunities and tax efficient […]Read More

Project Wet Educates Children

Project Wet is an education program for children and this Thursday a lot of students learned about water pollution, Water Delivery and water cycles. Four-hundred students from the Tampa bay area dedicated an entire day learning about water. This program continues to develop for fourth consecutive year and is called “Make a Splash”. This project […]Read More

The Water Delivery Company and STOMP

The Water Delivery Company recently donated some used 19 litre bottles to The Highway Primary School, Orpington to help it with a STOMP event they were running for their students. We hope you enjoy the pictures of how our 19 litre bottles can be used as musical instruments. Very kindly Liz Maltman wrote back to us after […]Read More

Water Aid Sponsorship from The Water Delivery Company

The Water Delivery Company are pleased to annouce that our latest sponsorship of the Water Team in aid of Water Aid completed their mountains climb and raise a good amount of money for charity. There press release is shown bel0w. On Saturday 6th June 2009 the Perth and Kinross Council Private Water team achieved their […]Read More
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