How much does a bottled water service cost?

With those hot days creeping up, we all know that summer is on its way and The Water Delivery Company is here to ensure that you keep hydrated. We offer a wide range of refreshing hydration solutions which are available on both water cooler rental or purchase basis. Our aim is to supply high-quality water […]Read More

This Is Why You Should Look Into Water Cooler Hire

Interested in investing in a water cooler but don’t know whether you should hire one or outright purchase? It’s quite a tough. Each has its advantages. Renting a water cooler or buying one totally depends on what you think is the right option for you. Before you consider a water cooler hire or purchase, here […]Read More

Help! I Think My Water Cooler Has An Airlock

At The Water Delivery Company, we are all about offering the widest range of water coolers and drinking fountains available on the UK market. We not only pride ourselves on the size of our selection offered hydration solutions but our efficient and effective customer service. Although water coolers are reliable dispensers that require minimal maintenance, […]Read More

General Water Cooler FAQs

At The Water Delivery Company, we stock and deliver a wide selection of water products to customers across the UK. We pride ourselves on our range of hydration solutions that offer the ideal way to provide your environment with refreshing drinking water. Something else that we take seriously is our high service standards. Ensuring that […]Read More

FAQs About Our Bottled Water Coolers

At The Water Delivery Company, we provide a wide selection of water cooler and drinking water fountains for a range of environments in need of a trusted hydration solution. With years of experience in the sector, we have come across some general questions that many people ask. Well, let’s get started: Do I Need A […]Read More

Help! My Water Cooler Is Not Cooling

Are you having trouble getting your water cooler to cool down? Do not fear! The Water Delivery Company are here to help with this quick troubleshooting guide. There could be many different reasons as to why your watercooler is not cooling, try the following: Make sure that your water cooler is plugged on by the […]Read More

Why You Need To Invest In An Office Water Cooler

At The Water Delivery Company, it is our goal to ensure that businesses across London all have an office water cooler. We offer a wide range of hand-picked bottled water coolers, plumbed-in water coolers and drinking water fountains. Access to clean drinking water is the simplest measure to efficiently and effectively increase your employees’ productivity. […]Read More

We Are London’s Hydration And Coffee Specialists

The Water Delivery Company have over a decade of experience providing water solutions to offices across London. Our products are available for purchase or rental. Our rental contract includes a service level agreement, fixed prices throughout the duration of the contract as well as designated delivery days. We pride ourselves in our impeccably efficient and […]Read More

Help! My Water Cooler Is Leaking!

The Water Delivery Company has recently published a troubleshooting guide for our water coolers aimed to save our clients time. We receive a great deal of calls concerning water cooler problems and most often than not these issues can be fixed without much hassle. Here is a step-by-step guide to solve any problems which you […]Read More

Check Out Our New Range Of Products

At The Water Delivery Company, we offer a range of diverse hydration solutions that are sure to suit numerous environments needs and requirements. We offer water cooler hire and sales to a wide base of customers across the UK. Getting your hands on industry leading water systems has never been easier with us. Keeping our […]Read More

Short Term Water Cooler Rental

We aim to offer efficient and effective services to all of our valued customers to ensure that their office and home is never short of accessible, refreshing water. You may be happy to know that we offer flexible short term and long term contracts. We understand that things can change and sometimes things do not […]Read More

We Featured In The David Brent Movie

One of our bottled water coolers was spotted in the new David Brent Movie and we thought we would boast about it a little. What Is this David Brent Movie You Speak Of Well, it’s actually called the David Brent Movie: Life on the Road. It is a mockumentary comedy written, directed and produced by […]Read More

The Importance of Hydration at Work

On average people working in northern European countries spend approximately 37 hours in their office typing away at their computers or being held up in prolonged meetings every week. Given how much time people spend at work, it is important to consider their hydration needs. Staying hydrated at work can prove troublesome as busy schedules […]Read More

Our Bottled Water Delivery Service

We deliver high quality spring bottled water to your doorstep. At The Water Delivery Company, we supply a large range of quality water products sourced from trusted manufacturers. As well as supplying a range of water coolers, we deliver both 19 litre or 12 litre water bottles to offices and homes around London. Delivery occurs on […]Read More

The U Water Bottle Rack

We offer a wide variety of water cooler accessories that are sure to complement your water dispenser not matter shape or size. We pride ourselves in supplying complete hydration solutions to all of our customers. Not only do we invest in quality water dispensers and products, we also believe in investing in our clients. We […]Read More

Remember To Buy Water Cooler Accessories

Need cups, cones or cup dispensers for your water dispenser? You have come to the right place. At The Water Delivery Company, we stock a wide variety of both paper and plastic cups that come in different shapes and sizes. Plastic Cups This item is one of our most popular water cooler accessories and are […]Read More

What does BWCA accreditation mean?

The Water Delivery Company is a member of the British Water Cooler Company.  The BWCA’s mission is to provide the consumer with a full peace of mind that they are receiving an unimpeachable product and service. The BWCA facilitates the exchange of technical, scientific and regulatory information between Industry Members and related bodies while serving […]Read More

Water Coolers for Construction

If you are in the construction industry you are aware that you have to abide by strict responsibilities regarding your welfare facilities on construction projects. We are here to ensure that staying in line with UK health and safety regulations is not as big of a struggle as it may seem. At The Water Delivery […]Read More

Different Types of Water Coolers

Searching for water coolers can at times feel daunting with numerous options out there. We thought it was about time we gave you some guidance into what machine may be right for you. At The Water Delivery Company we specialise in both bottle fed and plumbed in water dispensers. We offer an array of bottled […]Read More

Spring Water vs Tap Water

There is a lot of literature online debating the spring water or tap water question. Obviously, we are of the belief that bottled spring water is the winner here and thought we’d give you a few reasons explaining why. Personally, the idea of drinking recycled sewage isn’t the most appealing thing in the world and […]Read More
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How safe is your water cooler?

Every year, more people are making the transition from drinking tap water to using water coolers or dispensers to get their daily dose of H2O under the assumption that bottled water is safer and tastes better. Unfortunately, some major issues are developing with water coolers across the country. The underlying issue is that proper maintenance […]Read More
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Taking Global Water Consumption For Granted

When you turn on the tap to fill a glass with water, we doubt that anything else crosses your other than the intention to quench your thirst. But what happens when getting a drink of water isn’t that simple? This may come as a shock to you, but 780-million people across the world lack access […]Read More

How to Tell Which Water Cooler to Buy

No longer only an accessory for the office, water coolers have become a safe and convenient must-have appliance for the home as well. Not only does its presence inspire people to drink more water, but the water it provides has also been filtered so that no harmful substances are found in it. When trying to […]Read More

Hot Faucets Save Companies Time & People Money!

It’s an unspoken rule in the office: the start to any successful career involves doing the office coffee rounds. Recent studies have revealed, however, that this could be costing the company more than just a few minutes of the workers’ time each day. The average time spent making warm beverages by those entering the world […]Read More
The Water Delivery Company Mains Fed Coolers vs Bottled Water Coolers

Mains Fed Coolers vs Bottled Coolers

Here at The Water Delivery Company we believe it’s important to take notes of the trends that take place in the water cooler industry, and to educate our customers and those who are interested as to why these trends may be taking place and how they can decide which water cooler is the best solution […]Read More

Our Water Coolers – Back in The Thick of It!

After a blog post last year touted our elation at one of our labelled 19-litre water cooler bottles (unbeknownst to us) found its was onto one of the BBC’s leading series, we’re glad to announce that we’re back in the spotlight. *Spoiler Alert!* One of our water coolers has beat back the competition to clinch […]Read More
Stress and Water

Water and Stress

  It’s easy to buy into the latest potions and practices that claim to hold the secret to stress-free living. However, in so doing, we overlook the simple stress busting substance of water. Without having to break the bank or take up tree hugging, you’ll be able to look forward to a 2014 that is […]Read More
RPG-7 PET water bottler launcher

RPG-7 turns water bottles into weapons

There are many guides to making your own water bottle launcher. But if money is no object, or you just want to treat someone (or yourself) then the RPG-7 PET Bottle Launcher may be the way to go. Japanese company Maruda have designed this super-charged water bottle launcher; it turns a humble bottle of water into […]Read More
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Isle of Man water boiling restriction ends

Isle of Man residents no longer need to boil their water, according to the island’s Water and Sewerage Authority. Those living in the south and east of the island had been advised to boil their drinking water for 48-hours last week, as the tap water was temporarily not safe to use. A spokesman said: “All […]Read More
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Most expensive bottled water!

Water, a free and natural resource, has become an incredibly lucrative industry, with sales over an astonishing $15 billion dollars per year. We all know bottled water is expensive, considering the cost of the water itself, but the bottled water industry has increasingly become a competition of style. Here are some designer bottles of water…complete […]Read More
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